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The Chess Rankings

Because children play chess in age groups, in addition to the 7 titles of Champion, Thegn, etc., there are 12 ranks, based on the age of the competitors.An older competitor is estimated to play better than a younger competitor and each year means a shift of one rung on the ranking ladder. Thus an under 9 bordar would have a rank of 8, whilst an under 8 bordar, a year younger, would have a lower ranking of 9.

The table below explains this:

  U18 U11 U10 U9 U8 U7 WV Conversion
1 CHAMPION           50
2 LORD C         47
3 THEGN L C       46
4 VILLAGER T L C     45
5 BORDAR V T L C   44
7 SLAVE Co B V T L 42
8   S Co B V T 41
9     S Co B V 40
10       S Co B 40
11         S Co 40
12           S 40
  • Rankings are consistent within age groups
  • In comparing different age groups an age difference of 1 year gives a corresponding ranking difference of 1. Thus, an U8 Champion is equivalent to an U9 Lord
  • If a tournament consists of players from different age groups, the rankings will reflect the average ages of the group rounded up.
  • In mixed age groups, where a player acquires a ranking from a different age group, this will be indicated in his or her title. Thus an U7 winning a Lord's title in an U9 group, will gain a title "Lord9" and his/her ranking for that tournament would be 5.
  • Players will gain new titles with each tournament and their ranking will be an average of their latest tournament rank and their previous cumulative rank.
  • In merged sections individual section winners will earn the title of Champion but their rank will reflect their score in the tournament.
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