In each tournament, players gain certificates and titles and ranks depending on the score they make. The table below shows the current scoring system (Autumn 2003).
Points needed to gain each title:
Champion Winner
Lord 4.5 or 5
Thegn 4 or 3.5
Villager 3
Bordar 2 or 2.5
Cottar 1 or 1.5
Slave 0 or 0.5


If a player takes part in more than one event, the cumulative rank is worked out by averaging the latest tournament results and the previous cumulative rank. So if in one tournament a player achieves a rank of 6, and in the next a rank of 4, the cumulative rank will be 5. If the cumulative rank produces a figure of .5, then it will be rounded up to the higher rank. For example, a ranking of 3, followed by a rank of 4 would produce a rank of 3.5. This would be rounded up to 3 and the player would keep the higher rank. The title that any player holds will be based on their performance in their most recent tournament. Thus a player who wins the title of Champion, Lord and then Thegn, would hold the title of Thegn as the most recent title won.